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Scuba Diving in Egypt

Scuba Diving in Egypt

The Magical Diving Experience in Egypt

Usually, the first thing people think of when they hear Egypt is pyramids and hot sands. But did you know there are dive spots all along the Red Sea? The waters are clear, and the fish are colorful and plentiful. Diving here is a common pastime and there are many ways to enjoy the sport available at each spot.

There are many dive spots in the different locations along the Red Sea, each with their own unique charm. Whether you enjoy exploring uncharted waters and shipwrecks or hunting for big and small marine life, these dive spots meet all your needs. Even if you are new to the sport, the waters are clear and there are many locations that offer training and courses. Whether you are planning a trip for a few days or a couple of weeks, there will be no shortage of dive spots to travel to and explore. With so much to share in the way of diverse marine life, natural wonders and historical sites, it is imperative to visit and explore these waters.

Red Sea Reefs

The Red Sea is home to over 800 species of colorful fish, with plentiful reefs to explore. Some of the dive sites will let you explore some of the world’s natural mysteries like the Blue Hole. Other sites offer some of history’s mysteries like ancient wrecks and artifacts left by the pharaohs. Of the multitudes of fish to see, there are certain fish that are most common. Divers can find whale sharks, manta rays, and seahorses at various times of the year. Hawksbill turtles, manatees, and dolphins will be commonly found all year round. Less common marine life found are hammerhead sharks, eagle rays, stone fish and loggerhead turtles. For divers who like to look for the smaller sea creatures, there are nudibranchs, pipefish, and Spanish dancers to discover. Some of the species found in the Red Sea cannot be found anywhere else, so you are sure to have some wonderful finds.

Diving Opportunities

The dive spots have varying currents from almost no currents too strong ones, so it is advised to hire a local dive guide to show you the best places. Because of the crystalline waters and the spots of low currents, many dive spots have excellent areas with training for new divers. There are spots for all levels of experience, so no matter what your experience is, you can have a safe and enjoyable dive. There are wrecks and walls to explore, as well as shore dives, pinnacles, and drifts. You can dive off day boats and liveaboards as well.

Be sure to talk with local guides at the resorts and dive locations. They will give you all the details you are looking for and can make sure you are directed to the best spots. The local guides can also help you map out your trip based on what you want to experience. If you prefer to dive by the shore, you will be directed to the best beaches. If you prefer to dive off liveaboard boats, the guides will make sure you get the right spots put into your itinerary.

Dive Sites

There are ten popular places to dive in the Red Sea, with multiple dive spots in each location to explore. Each location has a unique feel to the area, and something amazing to see in the dive spots. This can influence where you want to book your hotel. Dahab, for example, has a hippy vibe to the location and is home to the Blue Hole. Ras Gharib is in the Gulf of Suez and holds many uncharted shipwrecks for the more adventurous divers. Marsa Alam has many different options for divers, including pristine beaches, day boats, and liveaboards. St. John, Zabargad, and Rocky Island is a more remote location, but it is worth the trip. They have a plethora of marine life to explore, and amazing corals to see. The Straits of Tiran have four reefs to explore, deep walls and many species to see, it is considered a true piece of paradise. El Quseir is a calmer location with luxurious beaches to relax on and has rich dive spots to explore. Safaga is home to the Seven Pillars, a magical place of towering reefs. It is a popular place to find marine life like lionfish and puffer fish. It is also a common place to scuba dive at night.

There is also a dive location in Alexandria. It is not in the Red Sea, so it does not have as many fish to discover, but what it does have is history. The dive spot in Alexandria reveals submerged historical sites, wreckage, and artifacts from the time of the pharaohs all the way up to WWII. If you are interested in history and exploring sites, then Alexandria is the place to go. With so many options, it can be hard to decide where to go. Each location also has diverse dive spots. One method is to pick a single location that has all the experiences you are looking for and divide your time up between those spots. If you are good at managing time or have an extended trip planned, you can even make it to multiple locations for specific dive spots. These dive spots are worth visiting again and again. You can take your time and visit new locations every year. With its temperate waters, you could dive in every season.

Best Travel Times

The temperature of the water is indicative of your level of comfort, and the fish you will see. The best times to dive are the summer months. Even though the weather gets quite hot in the summer, the temperatures are much cooler by the water, and these are the best times to see the most marine life. A resort in the area will tend to get crowded with travelers, so book in advance to ensure you get the prime locations for the best underwater experience.

Egypt may not have been the first place you thought of for a new dive location, but it certainly deserves to be on your travel list. Exploring all the different spots can be tricky to do at once, so make sure you find out what you really want to see. Then when you are ready to dive, choose two or three different spots to see. If you are newer to this exciting sport and don’t have a lot of experience, check out the calm and clear dive spots for courses and training. You will still experience scuba diving and see amazing things, but in a safer environment with guides. You can be sure that you will create magical memories when you dive in these plentiful waters.

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