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Diving in Roatan

Diving in Roatan

It’s summertime and that means it is peak diving season. Although, in Honduras, peak diving season is year round thanks to the water temperature that averages 81 F from January to March and 84 F from July to September. If you are, in fact, deciding to make a trip to Honduras this summer, it would be wise to plan a diving expedition in Roatan, home to the largest reef system in the Caribbean Sea. Roatan has an amazing number of diving specific resorts on the island for an incredible vacation and diving experience.

The CoCo View has a great staff as well as great food. More importantly, however, the diving is second to none. Most vacationers report going back multiple times because it is right next to many incredible diving sites of Roatan’s large reef system. One of which is the CoCo View Wall that drops 25 meters below the surface and has undercuts that create large overhangs. If you keep your eyes peeled, you’ll find eels and seahorses among other creatures coming in and out of the wall’s caves. If however, you are looking for a destination where you can see a lot of marine life, then Anthony’s Key Resort is the place to go. Intrepid explorers can find themselves among nudibranch, eagle rays, scorpion fish, octopus, turtles and many more sea dwellers. Resort balconies provide wonderful views of dolphins at sunset. Excellent food and boats that hold more than 20 people make this resort perfect for the social diver. If you are a hardcore diving enthusiast, be sure to check out the Odyssey and El Aguila wreck dives. Divers can explore the inside of the Odyssey that was purposefully sunken while a plethora of wildlife like barracudas and Goliath groupers inhabit El Aguila.

Are you bringing the kids with you? Then try out The Pirates Den is a great location for young families new to the location. Only a few minutes drive to the West Bay, the resort is close to several diving locations. If the kids want to stay back, the hotel rooms are equipped with AC and televisions with a good selection of channels to stave off any boredom. Food selections are plentiful as both local and international cuisines are available. Another resort we can recommend is┬áMedia Luna. This is the place to go for seasoned divers with only one thing on their mind: diving in Roatan. The resort itself comprises of cabanas among natural footpaths and dense vegetation. The beach connected to the resort, however, offers some of the most spectacular diving locations on the island with Mary’s Place, a gorgeous maze that makes it feel like you are flying between underwater cliffs and canyons, as the highlight.

The Turquoise Bay Dive and Beach Resort is one of the lesser-known spots, Turquoise Bay provides vacationers with secluded white sand beaches and a responsive management and staff. Turquoise Bay has access to the Dolphin’s Den dive site. While similar to Mary’s Place, Dolphin’s Den is less crowded and offers 60 ft deep canyons with tunnel systems that lead from one canyon to another. An interesting bit of trivia: Dolphin’s Den is named after the skull of a dolphin that resides deep within one of the tunnels.

Infinity Bay Spa and Beach Resort Infinity Bay is your go-to island resort full of amenities. The units are large with full-sized kitchens, king size beds, walk-in shower, and patio for outdoor dining. The grounds are well maintained with a large infinity pool just a few steps away from the beach. Beach-goers can either take water taxis to the dive spots on the West Bay or can go snorkeling and check out some of the nearby restaurants.

Seagrape is an excellent resort for couples and families seeking a relaxing vacation with scenic dives and beach view bungalows. The resort also has a dive shop that provides PADI Open Water certification for newbie divers anxious to explore the large reef system below. The resort is family run with three sisters that run the resort and the son who runs the dive shop. At the western tip of the island you will find The West Bay Lodge and Spa a 3 star hotel which is quiet If you want to take a breather from all that intense diving and snorkeling, consider booking a few nights at the West Bay Lodge. The bungalows the lodge offers a quiet experience for couples looking to get away from it all. Additional trips to the city will find you snacking on street food and sipping on cold-pressed juices before making another venture out to the beach to explore the mangroves before going for an afternoon swim. An on sight masseuse is also available to help you recover from your deep-sea adventures.

Xbalanque Resort This is only on here because it has a cool name. Just kidding, however, you should note that it gets its name from the mythical Mayan “Jaguar Man”. But don’t worry about jaguars here, this resort is primarily a place for vacationers to rest and relax. But if you’ve had enough of that, a 10-minute walk along the beach will have you back at the West Bay and in a prime position to do some more scuba diving. The tranquil quality of the resort makes it the perfect place for snorkeling and sailing.

And finally,The Barefoot Clay Resort has an excellent dive shop, and is a great place for new scuba divers to put their skills to the test. Barefoot is also known for being a quieter spot unlike its West Bay counterparts. A sloth sanctuary not far from the resort, fishing, and zip lining are some other activities outside of diving you can partake in. The private island is also perfect for couples with an optional “romance package” to heat things up.

With some of the worlds premier diving spots connected to beaches that make you want to reconsider where you live, it would be a tall task to find a place more vacation-worthy than Roatan. Whether you are a technical diver, diving aficionado, scuba newbie, or just coming along for the R&R, your experience on the island is certain to feed your soul.

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