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Diving Truk Lagoon

Diving Truk Lagoon

Truk Lagoon dive-site was created in just five days back in 1944. That was when more than 500 planes from the United States, took to the air to bomb and sink nearly 50 ships that belonged to Japan during the height of WWII. This act would many years later give rise to an area that is remarkable for a wreck diving enthusiast to go and explore on their own or as part of a travel package. Today the area is known as Chuuk and includes 150 miles in circumference. Truk Lagoon sits in what is known as part of the Federated States of Micronesia. The warm waters year round make this an ideal place to go diving no matter the time of year it is.

With it being illegal to remove any artifacts, the entire area has been turned into an underwater museum that takes visitors back in time to the days when WWII was going strong. Regardless of your preferred skill level or desired level of exploration, you will you will find something that fits you. In addition to the large number of artifacts that you will encounter, there is also the sea life that resides underwater and gives lovers of sea life something to leave them in awe.

Many people who go and dive the site come back with stories of the adventure that they had. Many have described the experience as being somewhat reflective as you are seeing history unfold in front of you. This is after all the final resting spot for these ships and planes from a battle that had two nations at war. With all of this being said, by now you are more than likely wanting to book your reservations to go and do your own dive to see this underwater museum for yourself.

Before we get to that part of the discussion, it is important to note that it was not until Jacques Cousteau aired his documentary in 1971 that diving enthusiasts began to flock to this location. For several years, it sorts of sat there abandoned and alone. There are a large number of travel companies that all offer travel packages to allow divers the chance to explore these wreckage sites for themselves.to get to this area, you will have to fly into Micronesia and then take a chartered tour boat to the wreckage site.

One of the first stops for a diver will be the wreckage of the Helan Maru, which is about 20 minutes from the docks of Micronesia. This ship did not start off its life as a warship. Before the Japanese used it for their purposes, it was a luxury liner. After the beginning of WWII, it was turned into a submarine ship. This is able to be seen by the number of periscopes along with the torpedoes and other weaponry that the ship holds in its decks under the waters of Micronesia.

In addition to the Helan, there is the wreckage of the Fumizuki as well as all of the trucks and other vehicles that are all contained within the hull of the Hoki Maru. For those that are looking for a little more of a diving adventure, many charters will offer you the chance to take a 160-foot dive down to the wreckage of the San Francisco Maru. This has an interesting history that many people may not know about. this ship is often referred to as the Million Dollar Wreck. The reason for this is due to the estimated value of the cargo that it was carrying.

The ship is fully stocked with bombs, bullets as well as a wide assortment of ammunition that is part of its cargo. Many divers will also notice the three tanks that are all part of the forward deck as well. For those that are not wanting to go to the 160-foot depth, there is always the wreckage of the Nippo Maru which is a battle tank that is easily able to be seen from the deck of the San Francisco without the whole 160 ft dive.

There is more on the floor of Truk Lagoon than just warships, there are a number of airplanes that were shot down and found a resting place on the floor of the Lagoon. As you swim through the remarkable good shaped bomber, you will come up close to a school of bat-fish. These airplanes are in decent shape considering many of them crashed in the water

Many people do not realize that these wrecks are actually what has helped to prevent Truk from falling into a small group of islands that people would have forgotten many years ago. it is the wreckage of these ships and planes that have helped to bring the Truk Lagoon into being a popular destination for wreckage divers from all over the world.

Booking a flight from the United States or Canada and flying to the region will be the first and best step for helping you to get your diving adventure started. Many travel agencies will offer some sort of package that you can book through them to help you find a tour that will fit your exact needs. If you are just wanting to head to the region on your own and explore all of the many wrecks that make up the area, then you will need to make sure you book a flight and bring your diving equipment. If you forget your equipment, then many of the charter companies offer rental of equipment to make sure that a person has everything that they need for their diving needs.

Truk Lagoon is an experience that any person that is a fan of wreck diving will want to make sure that they take part in. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for a person to get up close and personal with the past of WWII. No matter if you have been an experienced diver for many years or are just getting started, you will quickly discover that there is a world of wonder just a few feet under the surface of the waters around Micronesia. Even if you are not interested in the history that these waters hold, you can always take advantage of the natural life that has called these wrecks home and have created their own world under these waters. You will be so glad that you took the chance to book a trip here and seen all of the many things that the waters of Micronesia have to offer those that make the journey to see how the war progressed in these waters.

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