Dive Training

Padi Skills 14 – 20

Skill 14, Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent (CESA)

How to complete and perform the Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent


Horizontal version (pool):

  1. In water to deep in which to stand establish neutral buoyancy by the Fin Pivot method
  2. Your instructor will place their right arm under your left arm/shoulder and hold your regulator in position with his right hand, they will also hold onto your shoulder or BCD with their left hand.
  3. Take a deep breath when signaled to by your instructor
  4. Give the “Out of Air” sign and with both arms in front of you in ‘Superman” position hold your deflator hose in your left hand swim across the pool breathing out continually and making an Ahhh sound for at least 9m/30ft

Vertical Skill (Open Water Dive):

  1. From a depth of at least 20 ft, let all the air out of your BCD
  2. Your instructor will be facing you, holding the regulator in your mouth with their right hand and with their left hand over your shoulder holding a line to the surface
  3. Take a deep breath when signaled to by your instructor
  4. Give the “Out of Air” sign and with both arms in front of you in ‘Superman” position hold your deflator hose in your left hand swim to the surface breathing out continually and making an Ahhh sound
  5. At the surface, orally inflate your BCD

Skill 15, Hover In Midwater

How perform the hovering skill


  1. In water to deep in which to stand sit or kneel on the bottom and fully deflate your BCD.
  2. Take a deep breath and exhale, if you are still on the bottom add a little air to your BCD and repeat the process.
  3. Continue adding air to your BCD and inhaling deeply until you lift off the bottom, when this point has been reached exhale fully to descend.
  4. Attempt to stay off the bottom even when you fully exhale, at this point you should be able to control your buoyancy by the amount of air you have in your lungs
  5. Congratulations, you are now neutrally buoyant.


Skill 16, No Mask Swim

How to perform the No mask swim skill

mask removal

  1. Break the mask seal at the top of the mask skirt or with 2 fingers in the region of the cheek and allow the mask to flood with water
  2. Keep breathing and relax, when ready remove the mask, hold onto it, do not drop the mask.
  3. Your instructor will hold onto your right shoulder.
  4. When given the signal to do so swim across the pool with your right arm stretched out in front of you
  5. Continue breathing
  6. When you have completed the swim, replace the mask.
  7. Hold the nosepiece of the mask in your right hand
  8. Move the mask strap and position in front of the mask lense
  9. Place the mask in position on you face and secure the strap over the back of your head.
  10. Tilt your head up, place your hand on the top off your mask and exhale forcefully through your nose to displace the water in the mask

Skill 17, Remove and Replace Weights Underwater

How to perform the weight belt removal skill

Diving Weights

  1. Kneel on one knee on the sand or pool bottom
  2. Fully deflate your BCD
  3. Remove your weight belt and remember to keep hold of the “non” buckle end in your right hand
  4. Bring the weight belt away from your back and around to the front of your body, hold it in both hands, do not let go of the belt.
  5. Keep the weight belt on your knee
  6. To replace the weights, keep hold of the non-buckle end in your right hand.
  7. Move the weights to your right and around your back and grab the buckle with your left hand, keeping the weights close to your body and making sure no hoses are caught between it and your body.
  8. Pitch your body forward and secure the weight belt


Skill 18, Remove and Replace SCUBA Unit Underwater

How to remove your BCD underwater:

remove scuba

  1. Kneel on the bottom and fully deflate your BCD.
  2. Fully undo both the left and right shoulders straps
  3. Undo the chest strap, and undo the Velcro cummerbund and waist strap. Remember to use your left hand, making sure your weight belt stays untouched.
  4. Hold the BCD firmly with your right hand, as close as possible to the scuba tank.
  5. Remove the scuba BCD starting with the left hand, moving the BCD to the right, do not get entangled with your primary air source hose.
  6. Hold your BCD and tank in front of you and continue to breathe calmly


Put the BCD back on:

  1. Make sure the Velcro bands, chest strap and shoulder straps are loose.
  2. Move all hoses towards the back of your BCD.
  3. Using your right hand first place it through the right shoulder strap and hold the BCD firmly close to the cylinder
  4. Holding the bottom of the cylinder move your left arm through the left side shoulder strap.
  5. Tighten all straps and make sure the BCD is comfortable.


This skill should be practiced under the supervision of your instructor. If your BCD has an integrated weights system. make sure you are wearing an additional weight belt to prevent rapid surfacing during the exercise.

Skill 19, Remove and Replace Scuba Unit On The Surface 

How to remove and replace your BCD on the surface:

remove scuba at surface

  1. Inflate your BCD.
  2. Loosen and remove the shoulder straps, chest and waist straps, plus the Velcro cummerbund.
  3. Making sure not to become entangled slowly slide out of your BCD and keep hold of it, making sure it does not float away from.
  4. Hold the BCD with both your arms across the top and use the BCD to help keep you afloat.

Put the BCD back on:

  1. Make sure the all the straps are loose
  2. Orient the BCD and tank horizontally
  3. “Spread”open the BCD up so that the left and right sides are floating open at the sides of the tank , with the inside of the BCD showing
  4. Move so that your rear end is at the bottom of the tank and sit on it.
  5. Move both arms down and slip them simultaneously into their respective left and right hand straps
  6. Quickly secure the Velcro waistband and all straps

Skill 20, Alternate Air Source Ascent

 How to practice and alternate air sources ascent

  1. Give your buddy the out of air signal, then signal to share air
  2. Grip your buddy’s spare second stage regulator making sure the hose is over their shoulder and that the regulator faces upwards
  3. Remove your regulator, remember to continually exhale by blowing bubbles
  4. Place your buddy’s regulator in your mouth, purge it and begin breathing
  5. Hold onto your buddy with your right hand
  6. Give the ascend signal, raise your deflator hose and swim to the surface
  7. Once at the surface orally inflate your BCD to establish positive buoyancy



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