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The Best Places To Go Shark Diving

The Best Places To Go Shark Diving

True to its name, Tiger beach in the Bahamas promises every diver an adventure of a lifetime! Throughout this shallow sand fat, divers will swim across beautiful Caribbean Reefs, occasional hammerhead sharks and lemons. Arguably, one of the best locations for phenomenal underwater photography, this location is a major hot spot for beautifully striped Tiger Sharks. Divers definitely don’t want to miss out on capturing an amazing up close and personal shot these tiger striped beauties.

Maui will forever remain a favorite destination among the diving community. Whether you prefer diving around the shore or exploring the depths of the waters, Maui never fails to serve. Turtle-town, aka Maluaka Beach, located on the south shore of Maui, is a breathtaking experience for divers and snorkelers! This site being so shallow and close to shore allows for a calm area filled with beautiful marine life, rocks and coral reefs; but, the best part about this site is coming face to face with Hawaiian green sea turtles snacking on seaweed!

Exploring further out into the open water, divers can also enjoy adventuring through the volcanic cinder-cone of Molokini and the lava formations of Lanai. Known worldwide as the Cathedrals, the magnificent unique formations of lava, which was caused by molten lava being cooled in the Pacific, creates an amazing backdrop for underwater photography! Furthermore, Molokini is a crescent-shaped volcanic crater, partially submerged 46 m into the water, and has been made home by a vast array of marine life, said to be approximately 250 different species of fish!

Placencia in Belize is a major hot spot for divers, especially during the months of March and June, as whale Sharks make an appearance at Belize’s Gladden Spit. Obviously, it is safe to say that coming face to face with this massive beauty of the sea is a dive exploration no one wants to miss! Another perk to this location is that it is open for snorkelers to enjoy as well! Whale shark sightings are very common near the surface when the animals come up to feed. Locals will also encourage you to turn your interest inland, where you can enjoy a peaceful ride on an inner tube floating throughout the rivers and series of caves in the jungles of Belize.

In the USA, Southern California is home to not only beautiful scenery but is also a popular area for the extremely fast, short fin Mako sharks. During the months of June to November, divers can see these open-water hunters trail their food to the San Diego coast. Often seen swimming alongside the Mako sharks are sleek blue sharks… why would any diver want to give this spot a miss?

Another reason why this is one of the worlds best scuba diving locations is the series of purpose-sunk shipwrecks in the world-famous Wreck Alley! Consisting in four wrecks (USS Yukon, Ruby E, EL Rey, NOSC tower) all ranging from 160ft-366 ft in size, divers enjoy swimming around the large reef these ships have created.

Beqa Lagoon, Fiji, is considered to be one of the worlds best shark dives. Some of the marine life to see here is sickle fin lemon sharks, bull sharks, tiger sharks… and many more. Along the borders of Beqa Lagoon is a Shark Reef Marine Reserve established in April 2004, the reserve was made to allow for studies of the shark population, as well as helping to protect and research sharks. This reef is a beautiful protected sanctuary and it is here that the Shark Dive and feeding program takes place. To find the departure point for this specific shark dive, you will need to go to Pacific Harbor, which is located on Viti Levu Island.

Cocos Island in Costa Rica  has over 20 dives sites to get here, divers usually use one of the Costa Rican live-aboard dive boats sailing out of Puntarenas. Once on site, divers can do up to four dives a day exploring amazing steep volcanic rock formations, filter-feeding manta rays and swim alongside schools of hammerhead sharks. One of the best dive sites here is located off the east coast of the Island is Bajo Alcyone Reef. A smooth descent down to the pinnacle of the submerged rock at approx 82 ft, where divers can see huge gatherings of sharks, including bull sharks, hammerheads, blacktip and reef sharks

Gansbaai, is South of Capetown and here in the South Atlantic is the original home of great-white cage diving. This area is a major location for great white sharks as they patrol the water looking for local fur seals. Here you can slip into a cage to capture amazing footage of these incredible animals. Not only will you have a one of a kind view from the cage, but also those watching from the boat will not be left disappointed. The decks of the boats are designed to provide an all-around close up view of the sharks.

The Islands of The Hebrides in Scotland are  where divers may be lucky enough to have the rare sighting of basking sharks, one of the seas most unusual looking sharks and second-largest fish (after whale-sharks). With its extreme length of up to 30 feet and large mouth opening up to 3 – 4 ft wide, it is unfortunate that this unique looking creature is classified as a “vulnerable species”. Sadly this is due to over fishing of this species in  centuries gone by when they were caught for their meat, fins, oil, and liver. Basking sharks prefer the cold waters of the North Sea making Scotland the ideal place to see them during the summer months.

The Blue Corner in Palau is home to up to thirteen different species of sharks who are permanent residents of the vibrant reef of Palau’s Blue Corner. Positioned at the edge of a steep drop off into deeper waters, the ocean currents bring a constant stream of nutrients to the healthy reef.  Here divers can swim with reef, thresher sharks, white tips, hammerheads and more making Palau one of the best sites in the Pacific to see sharks.


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