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Skill 1, Demonstrate Scuba Equipment Assembly

Skill 1, Demonstrate Scuba Equipment Assembly

  1. If your BCD is dry, submerge it in water before assembly
  2. Hang your BCD onto the air cylinder with the strap at the top of your BCD
  3. Using the tank strap secure the BCD to the air tank
  4. Make sure your BCD is facing you and that the “O Ring” face of the tank is also facing you.
  5. Check the O ring, make sure there is an O ring in place and that it is not damaged.
  6. Loosen the yoke screw to remove the dust cap from the first stage of your regulator (octopus) assembly.
  7. Attach the first stage to the cylinder and tighten the yoke screw (if you are using a DIN type valve this will screw into cylinder valve), make sure that the two second stage regulators are on your left. They will be on your right side when you are wearing the assembled BCD and tank
  8. Ensure the first stage has been secured and is seated correctly then tighten it into place.
  9. Connect the low-pressure inflator hose to the power inflator on your BCD
  10. Hold down your regulator purge button and open the cylinder valve slowly by turning it anticlockwise
  11. Take your finger off the purge button and continue opening the cylinder valve.
  12. Make sure there are no leaks at the hoses, connections, 1st stage valve and O Ring, both 2nd stage regulators and all air release valves.
  13. Turn the cylinder valve ¼-1/2 a turn back (clockwise)
  14. Test the low-pressure inflator
  15. Test the exhaust valve on the power inflator hose
  16. Test all other exhaust valves on the BCD and overinflate the BCD to test the over-pressure relief valves
  17. Check the reading on your pressure gauge
  18. Breath from both regulators, test the purge buttons and make sure the pressure does not drop when breathing
  19. If you smell or taste anything strange DO NOT use the cylinder if you suspect the are is contaminated.
  20. Your scuba unit is now ready, stow it by laying it down tank first or if on a boat by the tank securing device

Video provided by our friends at www.coconuttreediver.com & www.goprocaribbean.com

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