Dive Training

Skill 17, Remove and Replace Weights Underwater

How to perform the weight belt removal skill

  1. Kneel on one knee on the sand or pool bottom
  2. Fully deflate your BCD
  3. Remove your weight belt and remember to keep hold of the “non” buckle end in your right hand
  4. Bring the weight belt away from your back and around to the front of your body, hold it in both hands, do not let go of the belt.
  5. Keep the weight belt on your knee
  6. To replace the weights, keep hold of the non-buckle end in your right hand.
  7. Move the weights to your right and around your back and grab the buckle with your left hand, keeping the weights close to your body and making sure no hoses are caught between it and your body.
  8. Pitch your body forward and secure the weight belt

Video provided by our friends at www.coconuttreedivers.com & www.goprocaribbean.com

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