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Skill 18, Remove and Replace SCUBA Unit Underwater

How to remove your BCD underwater:


  1. Kneel on the bottom and fully deflate your BCD.
  2. Fully undo both the left and right shoulders straps
  3. Undo the chest strap, and undo the Velcro cummerbund and waist strap. Remember to use your left hand, making sure your weight belt stays untouched.
  4. Hold the BCD firmly with your right hand, as close as possible to the scuba tank.
  5. Remove the scuba BCD starting with the left hand, moving the BCD to the right, do not get entangled with your primary air source hose.
  6. Hold your BCD and tank in front of you and continue to breathe calmly


Put the BCD back on:

  1. Make sure the Velcro bands, chest strap and shoulder straps are loose.
  2. Move all hoses towards the back of your BCD.
  3. Using your right hand first place it through the right shoulder strap and hold the BCD firmly close to the cylinder
  4. Holding the bottom of the cylinder move your left arm through the left side shoulder strap.
  5. Tighten all straps and make sure the BCD is comfortable.


This skill should be practiced under the supervision of your instructor. If your BCD has an integrated weights system. make sure you are wearing an additional weight belt to prevent rapid surfacing during the exercise.

Video provided by our friends at www.coconuttreedivers.com & www.goprocaribbean.com

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