Dive Training

Skill 8, Mask Removal, Replacement and Clearing

How to perform the mask removal, replacement and clearing skill

  1. In shallow water kneel on the sand or the pool bottom
  2. Slowly flood your mask by breaking the seal at the top of the mask skirt or by sliding two fingers under the mask seal in the area of your left or right cheek
  3. Allow the mask to flood fully with water
  4. Continue to breathe through your regulator and remain calm and relaxed
  5. When ready to perform the task take a deep breath
  6. Place your hand on the top center of your mask, tilt your head back and look up
  7. Exhale forcefully from your nose into the mask allowing the air to displace the water in the mask.
  8. Repeat this until all the water is fully evacuated from the mask.

Video provided by our friends at www.coconuttreedivers.com & www.goprocaribbean.com

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