Dive Training

Skill 9, Air Depletion

How to complete and perform the Air Depletion skill

  1. With your regulator in your mouth, and in water shallow enough to stand up in kneel on the bottom of the pool or sand facing your dive buddy
  2. Turn your pressure gauge towards your buddy so that they can see it clearly.
  3. Continue breathing
  4. When ready to begin the exercise give the instructor the ok signal
  5. The instructor will close the air cylinder valve
  6. Your dive buddy should continue to watch your pressure gauge and tank air pressure
  7. When you are out of air give your buddy the out of air signal and signal for share air.
  8. Your buddy will pass you their spare regulator, holding it with their right hand and with the regulator facing up
  9. Clear the regulator and continue to breathe off your buddy’s spare regulator
  10. The instructor will now open your tank valve
  11. Check you pressure gauge to ensure that you have air pressure.
  12. Change back to breathing from your primary regulator.

Video provide by our friends at www.coconuttreedivers.com & www.goprocaribbean.com

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